Thursday, September 12, 2013

On the Road again

Hi and welcome to our travel blog.  As most of you know we are on the road, this time for our big trip of the year.  In a little over a day and a half we will be heading for Australia.
As you can see we have sort of started gathering stuff to fill our bag but have a long way to go.  Surprisingly it will get done by the time we have to drive out of the driveway.
We will be gone for 30 days.  We leave to catch our first airplane Saturday morning, fly from Omaha to Los Angeles where we get on an Air New Zealand flight to Auckland, NZ, change planes and then on into Brisbane, Australia.
Of course we will be visiting with Monty’s sister Sylvia, brother in law Roy.  While in Australia we have planned a trip to Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kings Canyon and we are going to spend some time in Sydney and Canberra.
For those that aren’t familiar with Australia,Canberra is the National Capital, like our Washington DC.  Of course between Sydney and Canberra is the Blue Mountains.

The rest of the trip is currently unplanned but there is lots to do around Brisbane and we all have the knack of finding lots of interesting things to do.
So, this is our first entry for this trip.  Welcome aboard, we hope you enjoy riding along on our trip.  This is our third trip to this part of the world and if it is anything like the previous trips, it will be fun.  Probably our next entry in this blog will be after our arrival in Australia, so don’t expect to see anything till next week.  Meanwhile…..thanks for stopping by.  Kia Ora & G’day Mate!

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