Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Brisbane–Sep 17, 2013

Many days have passed since I have reported on our travels.  Not that we are lazy, but se have been spending our time catching up on sleep.  It has been a good trip so far, but the flying to get here really takes the energy when one is well into the senior years.

We left home on Saturday morning and 36 hours later we arrived in Brisbane.  We were both tired and somewhat sore from all the sitting.


This picture was taken in Omaha before the first leg of our flying adventure.  We are looking rather chipper and wide awake.  Our first leg was Omaha to Las Vegas.


Katie had to drop a few quarters in the Las Vegas airport while we waited of our next flight to Las Angeles.

We got to LAX without incident and with our luggage.  We were concerned about getting from the Southwest terminal to the Air New Zealand terminal, but they were actually next door to each other.  We had about a 3 1/2 hour layover, so we had a little time to check in, explore the terminal, and grab a snack.

The next leg was on Air New Zealand from Los Angeles to Auckland.  This was our longest leg.  Flight time was about 12 hours.  We had booked and Air Couch, which sounded like a good idea.  The idea of an Air Couch is the seats will make into a sort of small bed.  Unfortunately we soon discovered we are both a little to big to fit.  The one advantage is we had a row of three seats to just the two of us, so at least there was room to spread out some. 

The flight itself was uneventful.  We had two nice meals (dinner and breakfast).  The entertainment system had lots to keep you occupied if you couldn’t sleep.  Monty was able to sleep a little more than Katie, but even so by the time we reached Auckland we were pretty tired.


This is in the Auckland airport.  We are pretty bleary eyed.  From there we flew to Brisbane and were met at the airport by Sylvia and Roy.

Here is a picture of Downtown Auckland and we headed West toward Brisbane.  Maybe someday we can get back and explore some more around this beautiful city.


For Dayna:  What country is Auckland located in?  How far is it from Los Angeles to Auckland?  Can you find the total distance we flew from Omaha to Brisbane?

We arrived in Brisbane around 11:00 AM, tired but glad to be in Australia.  We were met by Sylvia and Roy and headed to Manley where they live.


Here is a Lemon tree in their back yard.  Note the palm trees in the back ground.


These two birds are daily visitors to their back porch.  They are called Rainbow Lorikeet. 


We drove around the area just a little bit.  This is called a Boab tree.  It stores water in the wide part of the trunk. 


This is a view of Morton Bay from near the Manly harbor.  Really pretty area.

After a light dinner, the two of us were in bed and asleep by 7:30 PM.  The bed really felt good and 12 hours later we awoke feeling rested and ready to go.

By the way, we left Omaha on Saturday, Sept 14 and after 35 or so hours arrived in Brisbane Monday, Sept 16.  Not sure what happened to Sept 15!

Today, we had a lovely breakfast at Coopers along the waterfront in Manley.  Really yummy and even included freshly squeezed Mandarin juice.


Then Katie and I went to South Brisbane and the Queensland Art Gallery where there was a quilt show of quilts from 1700 to 1945.  Unfortunately no pictures were allowed so you only get this picture of the sign.  Here is a link to the display


In the next gallery, however was a show of quilts by Ruth Stoneley, so here are a couple of our favorites.



We also enjoyed seeing the Monitor Lizards.


And the Ibis hanging around on the museum walls.


Overall a fun day.  I will leave you with a couple of pictures taken around the museum grounds.  A really nice museum with fountains, waterfalls, and lovely plantings.





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