Thursday, September 19, 2013

Northern Territory

I’m not being very regular about updating this travel blog but we have been very busy people.  In any case here is a summery of the past couple of days.

Wednesday we poked around Brisbane.  I took a few pictures around Roy & Sylvia’s house.  Brisbane being a semi-tropical area they have lots of “exotic” plants.  Their house is a typical Queensland house although somewhat modified.  Basically the house is raised to provide a proper ceiling on the lower level.  This is a view of their house from the back.



These two pictures are of bamboo along the south side and a close up of some of the Lemons on their lemon tree.  More pictures later.

We went up to the north shore are on the north side of the Brisbane River.  This particular area is near the airport.  It is an old warehouse district that has been partially rebuilt with more ongoing projects.

We had a nice lunch at the Northshore Riverside Café.  Here is an idea of the menu selections we chose.


Interesting building with etched metal panels on part of the facility.


After lunch we enjoyed just sitting outside, enjoying the view of the river.


Sylvia and Katie


View down and up river.

Today we got up early to catch a plane to Sydney & Ayers rock.  Here are Katie and I, a little bleary eyed but glad to be on our way.


And for the spotted cow fans…….


On the way into Sydney we flew over the cities famous  landmarks.  Circular Quay, Sydney harbor Bridge and a third landmark that is a building.


For Dayna……can you find the name of the building and what the building is supposed to represent?

At Sydney we change planes and flew on to Ayers Rock airport.  An interesting fact about this part of Australia is the time zone.  Again for Dayna……what is unusual about the time zone?

Of course the reason for traveling here was to see the famous Uluru rock.  Our first sight was a sunset.  It was extra special because the moon came up in the East just a few degrees north of Uluru about the same time the sun set in the West. 


This picture was taken about 1 1/2 hours before sunset and the picture below was taken about 5 minutes before the sunset.


Other things we saw today:


This is the Bottle Brush tree.


Interesting colors in the trees against the blue sky.


Not sure what kind of bird this is, but he was not afraid of people.  He is about 2 feet from me in this pictureDSC_0845.

And finally and interesting view of Uluru through a glass.

Till the next time….your comments are always welcome.

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  1. Great post! I really enjoyed reading through your blog and I loved the pictures that you included. I see that you traveled to Sydney right after visiting Brisbane. You mentioned that Brisbane had a tropical climate. Was it hard for you to adjust to Sydney's climate after that? I'm not very familiar with Sydney but my cousin recently came back from vacation to Sydney where she visited the Blue Mountains in Sydney. She really enjoyed it and it seemed like it was a bit cooler than Brisbane. Also, you mentioned visiting to see Uluru rock. What about this rock makes it so significant to Sydney?