Saturday, September 28, 2013

Canberra–Day 2

It is hard to decided what to do when you have limited time in a city with many things to do and see.  Today we decided to see the National Museum of Australia (the Smithsonian of Australia) and the Australian National Botanic Gardens.  Both turned out to be interesting and provided a sense of the history and variety of this country.  We also got in some bird watching.

During our travels around Australia, just like our trip in 2000, we find the people are so nice and are very willing to go out of their way to help.  We have met some very nice people and find it very easy to have a conversation with almost anyone.

The museum tells the story of the Australian people.  It is full in interesting artifacts that help tell the story.


For example, there was the story of Harold Wright that built a wagon to house his family and then traveled around Australia during the depression sharpening knives, saws, and anything else.


There are displays of Aboriginal Art.  This is a typical piece that is done on tree bark, depicting a stingray and barramundi.


The steam engine played a major part in the history just as it did in the US.


And of course the history includes needle work and quilts like this early thread painting (1940s),


or this quilt top from the same time period.


Lunch menu was Fish  & Chips at the museum café.


The Botanical Gardens were full of interesting and what we would call exotic plants.  Because we happened to be the only people around when a tour started we ended up with a very personalized tour of the gardens.  Doreen Wilson was fun, and when we expressed an interest in a particular area she would make sure we saw those things.


Stag Horn Ferns


Kruanga Casdade


Banksia flower,


Warratah flower (not fully open)


Unknown but truly amazing flower on a tree,


Grass Tree (a type of orchid, almost in bloom).


Birds seen today include the Australian Wood Duck


Australian Magpie


Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo




Seen but not photographed include, Pied Currawong, Noisy Miner, Crimson Rosella, Welcome Swallow.

Overall a fun day but we were both glad to get back to our Hotel room and relax.

Tomorrow will be a travel day.  We will be driving from Canberra back to Sydney and then hopping on a plane for Brisbane. 

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