Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back to Brisbane

Not a lot of activity for the past three days, hence the lack of a new entry in the blog.

Sunday, we checked out of the Hotel and drove to Sydney.  We took a few pictures of the court yard of the hotel.  The Hotel was one of the early buildings in Canberra (1920s) and was a hostle for working women at first.  It was later converted to a hotel and has been added to over the years.  It is a complex maze of buildings but was a nice place to stay.DSC_1809DSC_1812

Somewhere along the way before we left Canberra I got this picture of an Australian Magpie.  It was somewhat tame because it was very close to me.


This is a typical scene along the road.


In the world of unusual (for the USA anyway) road signs.  This is a wombat crossing sign.


I was surprised to get passed by a Lamborghini.


After arriving in Sydney and a small adventure of finding a gas station and then the entrance to rental car return, we had time for some lunch before our airplane for Brisbane loaded.


Monday was a low key day.  I spent most of it catching up on my photo backup process and generally relaxing.  Katie and Sylvia did a little shopping.  These Rainbow Lorikeet’s are regular’s at Sylvia & Roy’s bird feeder.  As you can tell they are used to people being around.


We also saw this Spotted Turtle Dove at the feeder a little later.


And a Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike was also in the neighborhood.


Today, we had breakfast at Cooper’s in Manly.  This a picture of Monty’s Sister and Brother-in-law.


While there, the neighbor hood Ibis paid a visit.


Here it is early spring, so a lot of the trees are starting to bloom.  This is a Jacaranda trees with its beautiful blooms. 


In the interesting road sign category, this one is for Koala crossing zone.


Of course when you travel with a quilter, no trip is complete without a visit to a quilt shop.  This one is in the Cleveland area….and a stop was mandatory!


Cleveland point is a pretty park.  We were there at low tide so lots of tidal land was showing.  It was a pretty area.  This is also a set location for one of the “Chronicles of Narnia” movies.


We were intrigued by this Banyan Tree.  This is the oldest banyan tree in Queensland. 


We discovered Kangaroo’s running wild at a vineyard.  There were a lot of them in the area.


A face only a mother could love?


We stopped for afternoon tea and scones and were treated to a peacock display.  I think is puts on a show for seeds!



Overall a fun day.  Until next time………….

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  1. So that's why koalas are so slow. Signs tell them to slow down. Hmmm. Be glad they don't have migrating sloths.

    That hotel in Sydney is most attractive.

    Thanks for flying around taking pictures for us.