Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More Adventures in and around Brisbane

I guess I have either been busy or lazy (or both).  It has been a while since I wrote on the travel blog.  This will be an attempt to catch up without getting too long winded.

Saturday, Oct 5

We had a slower day.  In the Morning we went to the first Saturday Market held in the next town north, Wynnum.  They had blocked off about three blocks of a city street where venders selling clothing, fruits, vegetables, and takeaway foods.  It was fun to wander and look at all the wares and people.


Then we had lunch at a place called Indigiscapes.  It is a garden and café dedicated to creating garden spaces of indigenous plants.  They have example gardens set up to give ideas of building a garden that supports local birds and wildlife.  They have a nice café that uses local ingredients as part of the meals.


While there we say a Wag Tail.  So named because its tail is in constant motion, wagging side to side when not flying.  Note the white eyebrows!


Sunday, October 6

This is the day we rode on a steam train around Brisbane.  The Queensland rail museum operates weekly trains on Sunday.  For our ride the engine was the last steam engine built for Queensland rail.


The rail cars are from various ages. 



I believe the one we rode in was from the early 1900’s


From the train we went to Downtown Brisbane for a little lunch and shopping.  They have converted a street into a walking mall with stores and shops.  A nice area with fountains, art, and some really nice older buildings.



They even had street entertainment.


Monday, October 7

We drove back toward the Gold Coast and into Springbrook National Park.  This is in the mountains Southwest of the Gold Coast near the border between the states of Queensland and New South Wales.  Nice area in a rain forest type area with stunning views of the mountains and coast line.



Moss growing on a tree trunk




Tuesday, October 8

We headed North toward the Sunshine Coast to Bribie Island.  There is a war bird museum that Monty wanted to see.  It was small but fun.  Here is a ex USAF pilot standing in the cockpit of  MIG 17…hmmmmm.


Nieuport Type 17 (WW I) being rebuilt.


Flyable P51 (Australian version)


Then off to ice cream at Scoopy’s….looks like something from the 50s era but they had good icecream.


On the way home we stopped at this overlook of the Brisbane river.  It is actually in a residential street.


Wednesday, October 9

Today we headed north toward the Sunshine coast again.  Our first stop was at the town of Eumundi and the Wednesday Market.  This market was much bigger than the one in Wynnum and covered many blocks.  It reminded us of the Eugene, OR Saturday Market or the market we saw in Hobart, Tasmania in 2000.  Lots of food (take away and fresh fruit/vegetables), clothing, jewelry, pottery, etc. etc.  We spent about an hour or so there but could have spent much more.


Of course there was entertainment, like this guy playing the drums and didgeridoo.


We stopped in Kenilworth for a coffee break.


And then on to King Ludwigs German Restaurant and the beautiful view of the Glass House Mountains.  Klaus and Barbara are friends of Sylvia and Roy and are very gracious hosts.  The food was also excellent.  Here are some views from our table.


They even have an accordion player to add to the authentic atmosphere.


That brings you up to date with our adventures.  Our trip is quickly coming to an end.  Tomorrow (Thursday) we are going to see some more sites around Brisbane, then Friday, we do mundane things like laundry and organize our suitcases, then Saturday we head back east and home.

More tomorrow.

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