Friday, June 7, 2013

Oshkosh, WI to Albert Lea, MN

Today we parted company with Laura and Scott and Jill and started toward home.  We had a leisurely drive across Wisconsin and part of Minnesota. 

One the way out of Oshkosh we spotted this old fire house.  It is quite a building.


The morning drive to La Crosse was uneventful.  The weather was cool and partly cloudy with no rain.

We made a stop at Olive Juice which is a quilt shop just west of La Crosse.  That was the only quilt shop stop we have made so far this trip.  From there we found a nice place for lunch near downtown and just off the water front.  It was called Piggy Restaurant.


It is in an old industrial building.


We ate in the bar area since that is where lunch is served.  The Bar back and bar front were both interesting pieces.  The Bar back is from an old stern wheeler and the bar front was supposedly part of the Altar in an old church. 


Here are a couple of views along the Mississippi River front.


The local bike racks were fun also.


From La Crosse we drove along a scenic route (MN 16).  It crosses low hills and beautiful valleys.  At it turned out MN 16 was partially closed due to road work so we ended up on a detour.  As a result we saw things we might not have normally seen.

The library building with book shelves painted on the outside in Houston, MN.


The overlook at Rushford VillageIMG_6106IMG_6107

The Bald Eagles in a farm field


Ostrander, MN


Or Susie’s Roadhouse


Overall it was a fun day even though it means the trip is coming to an end.

Tomorrow, we will be home.  A couple of planned stops for quilt shops, but should be home sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. Been fun catching up with your latest adventure. So glad to see you on some "roads less traveled" ... we've been a good (?) influence!