Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oshkosh, WI

Two days to report on today.  Yesterday, was a busy day and by the time we got done “doing” it was after our bed time.

We went to Taliesin, near Spring Green Wisconsin yesterday after breakfast.  We had arranged for a tour of the house designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright.  The tour was a two hour guided tour of the outside and inside of the house.  Typical of Wrights style it was not built at the top of the hill, but just below, thus preserving the view from the top.  The house wraps around three sides of the hill.  It is also typical of most of his homes being very angular, but with colors that blend in with the natural landscape.

We were only allowed to take pictures of the exterior.


This was a working farm so had lots of outbuildings such as a chicken coop, horse stables, etc. But they all were designed to match the house and often shared a roof line with the house.  Since the original construction many of the out buildings have been converted to living space.  The views from the house were very beautiful.


The landscaping around the house incorporates the natural beauty of the area and includes many areas to sit and enjoy the gardens and outdoors.





After the tour we enjoyed a nice lunch at the visitors center.


Yesterday evening we went to see the musical “Wicked” at the Madison Overture Center.  The play was fun.  It is an alternative story about the “wicked witch of the west”, Galinda the witch of the north, with Wizard, scarecrow, lion and tin man.  It was fun and an excellent production.  It even had live music.

Today, it was a short drive to Oshkosh.  No road pictures because it was rainy most of the way.  We did lunch at Fratellas Water Front.  The resutrant is located along the Fox River.  Excellent food.  It is a brew pub and has a wide selection of wines.  We were intriged by the skulls boat suspended from the ceiling.


After lunch we went to the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) museum.  Lots of interesting displays of aircraft that tell the history of aviation and some military history.


         Wright Flyer (replica)


         Spirit of St Louis (replica)


             Pushy Galore, home built racer


            B-25 Mitchell


              P-38 “Marge”

IMG_6040                                   Aero car, the only one to be air worthy

This evening we had dinner at the Ground Round with is in our hotel.  Lovely meal.

Tomorrow we are going to Minocqua to visit/meet a cousin.  Minocqua is about 170 miles Northwest of Oshkosh.  Should be a fun day.

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