Monday, June 3, 2013

Dubuque to Madison

What a fun day.  It started with a lovely breakfast at the motel.  As I indicated yesterday we poked around Dubuque for a while before we drove to Madison. 

There is a “funicular” called the Forth Street Elevator.  It is 296 feet long with a vertical drop of 189 feet.  For the low cost of $3.00 per person you can ride it round trip. 


The cars hold 8 people in each car.  It is cable driven.  As one car goes down the other car goes up.  Since both cars share the center rail, there is a “wide spot” in the road so the two cars can pass.


The view from the top looks over downtown Dubuque and the Mississippi river.


At the bottom of the track is an area of old homes and shops.



This is the first time I have seen railing pickets with knitted warmers.  It must really get cold in Dubuque!


From Dubuque we traveled North and East toward Madison.  We saw a sign for the Belmont Mound state park.  We have always had an interest in Indian mounds so decided to stop.  Turns out to be more of a hill.  It had an old playground and a picnic bench.  A narrow road went to the summit.  There we found an observation tower that was so old that it was marked as Closed and Off Limits. 


It did get us off the beaten path on to a road seldom traveled.  It was a fun adventure.


Once we arrived in Madison Katie’s cousin Jill and Scott and Laura arrived.  It has been fun afternoon and evening.

We went to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens and walked through the gardens.  This time of the year there were lots of plants in bloom.  It was lovely.




We ended the day at a lovely resturant called Quivers Grove.  We at in the converted horse stall. 



On our menu was pretzel coated perch and tenderloin medallions.


So here is a toast to all of you with Spotted Cow lager


Tomorrow we are touring Frank Lloyd Wright studio at Taliesin and tomorrow night we are going to see Wicked.

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