Thursday, June 6, 2013

Minocqua and back

Today was mostly road trip for a drive to Minocqua, Wisconsin and back.  The reason for the trip was to visit a cousin that none of the Ostrander clan had seen for a few years.  In this case it was a cousin, by marriage, from the Kinchloe side of the family.  Sam Kinchloe married Evah Ostrander.  Evah was Sam’s second wife, so Cousin Jeanie is Sam’s granddaughter by his first wife.  Further explanation…..Evah is one of the 4 Ostrander siblings, Ivah, Evah, Dan, and Ruth.  Katie Ostrander Wilson is Dan’s daughter, Jill Gosma Hershberger is Ruth’s daughter, and Laura Wilber is Ivah’s daughter.  Complicated but that is the story and I’m sticking to it!!

Weather for the drive up to Minocqua (150 miles) was rainy and drizzly, but the roads were good all the way and traffic was light.  The scenery in route was green and lush with rivers and lakes along the way.


We met up with Jeanie and had a lovely lunch at the Boat House restaurant. 


   Jill, Scott, Laura, Katie, Jeanie, Monty at the Boathouse restaurant

After lunch Jeanie and the ladies went to visit with Jeanie’s Mom while Scott and I poked around the town of Minocqua.  The town is located in and area full of lakes and streams.  The primary industry is tourism.  It is a pretty area.  Had the temperatures been warmer it would have been fun to play on the water. 


We did see one brave soul that was water skiing.  With and air temperature of about 60, I’m sure it was a chilly ski!


After a fun visit we headed back to Oshkosh for our last evening together.


We did happen to pass a Piggy garage.  It was cute.


We ended the evening with a dinner at the Ground Round.

I have to end with the view from our Motel window.


Tomorrow we head west toward home.  We will drive across Wisconsin and part of Minnesota as far as Albert Lea.

Till then……

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