Sunday, May 12, 2013

Visiting with family & friends

What a fun three days since my last entry.  They has been fun filled days of visiting friends and family.

On Friday our good friends from Louisville and honorary Ostrander cousins Charles and Karen drove up on Friday and spent the weekend.  It was fun visiting, catching up on all of our kids and grandkids, reliving old times.  Charles, Bob, and I kept ourselves busy yesterday trying to solve an electrical problem in the house.  There are three outlets that suddenly quit working so we put on our engineering hats and tried to solve the problem.  After working off and on during the day and a couple trips to hardware stores, we decided we know what the problem wasn’t.  We also decided that we had the “ability” to solve the problem put not the “agility” to solve the problem since it was going to involved crawling through the attic and digging through insulation.

Meanwhile the “girls” worked on quilts and quilted postcard and kept the “engineers” fed.  Oh yes, we also watched Karen try on hats.

Karen Hat

We all also enjoyed visiting with NiCole, Alison, and Jon.  Alison is growing up too fast.

Sunday, Cousin Jill, Laura, and Craig came by the house.  It was another day of visiting, comparing smart phone apps, and pointing cameras at each others.  We had a lovely meal of sloppy joe’s, baked beans, two kinds of pie, and a “dirt” cake.

Of course the day is not complete without the obligatory cousins pictures without and with the in-laws


                               Craig, Jill, Laura, Katie, Bob


                   Craig, Monty, Jill, Laura, Katie, Bob, Terry

Katie received calls from Dan and everyone was able to enjoy a Skype call from Ruby, Tom and Holly.  It was the first time that Ruby and Alison were able to meet each other.  Hopefully that will happen more often in the future.

Happy Mothers Day to all of the Mom’s in “reader” land.  We hope  your day was fun and you were able to enjoy your families.

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  1. So glad you're having a good time ... love seeing the faces to put with names we've heard about!