Thursday, May 9, 2013

Travel Day II–May 9, 2013

Today was mainly a travel day, again on well traveled roads.  We drove from Des Moines to Indianapolis along the interstate….through occasional rain showers most of the way. 

We did make a couple of interesting stops along the way.  The first was in LeClaire, Iowa, home to American Pickers and the birth place of Buffalo Bill.  The reason we stopped however was because Katie saw a Quilt Shop billboard we saw along the highway.  The town is along the Mississippi river and has a main street of reconditioned old buildings.  It is a cute town.



We had lunch at the Blue Iguana along the main street.


We got into a snow storm while we were there…..well a storm of Pear blossoms!!


Yes, the American Pickers garage is there and was open for business.  For reference it is right behind the quilt shop.  Unfortunately we didn’t take time for pictures.

Shortly before we got to Indianapolis, we stopped to eat in Brownsburg.  We ate at the Boulder Creek Dining Company.


Good food, nice decor , and reasonable prices.IMG_0639

That is it for this evening.  More later

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