Thursday, May 16, 2013

Indianapolis to Des Moines

We left Indianapolis this morning and drove to Des Moines, Iowa.  Nice day for driving with partly cloudy skies and nice temperatures.  Of course having a quilter on board means we “break for quilt shops”.  Actually the new rule is, if we see a quilt shop bill board, we have to stop. 

Today we stopped at Threads of Time in Danville, IL (just across the Indiana border).  What a big shop.  they not only sell fabric and all the other quilter supplies, but also teach classes and even run retreats.  In back, they have a lovely garden which is a great place for husbands to wait for the shopper!


A little history……President Lincoln stopped by the previous building that was on the site before the quilt shop building while running for re-election.  I asked if they had a “Lincoln Slept Here” sign….and apparently there was one, and they are trying to find it!!

Lunch today was at a Steak ‘n Shake in Peoria.  That has become a once a trip eating location every time we travel East.  IMG_5807IMG_5808

This lovely tree was at the Steak ’n Shake and worthy of a picture


Driving across Indiana, Illinois and Iowa we say many flowering trees and bushes.  It is a lovely time of year to travel, with the new green grass, flowers everywhere, and fields newly cultivated.


Dinner tonight was in the Historic East Village in Des Moines at the Olympic Flame Greek restaurant.  Nice food at a reasonable price.

Tomorrow, on to Omaha, NE.


  1. I personally love the "quilt billboard rule" ... thanks, Katie! Heading to Omaha ... does that mean hugging our granddaughters?

    1. Yes, but the billboard rule only works once per day. We were running out of time when we spotted the second one yesterday. And yes, hugging them tomorrow!