Friday, April 2, 2010

Milford Sound

Today was a fun day. We woke up this morning to the lack of rain and partly cloudy skies. It didn't stay that way all day, but it was much better than yesterday when it rained litterly all day.

We did a bus/boat tour to Milford Sound today. Milford Sound is the only Fiord that accessable by road. The trip is about two hours via road over the mountains (600 meters) through a 1+ kilometer tunnel, and then down to the little village of Milford Sound. There we took the Milford Mariner for a cruise of the sound and into the Tasman Sea.

During the bus trip we stopped at Mirror lake (amound other places) which is along the Eglington River valley. There was a little bit of a ripple on the lake but it was a pretty view.

During the cruise we say many cascades and water falls. The boat would nudge right next to the water falls, and if passengers on deck weren't careful they would get very wet (personal experience for Katie and I both on one).

We also saw fur seals on some of the rocks and bottle nose porposes (sorry no pictures of the latter)

It was interesting to go out to into the Tasman sea and look back into the sound. Captain Cook, passed by this particular sound many times during his discovery cruises because the opening isn't obvious.

We are glad we did this trip. It wasn't part of our original plans, but well worth it.
Tomorrow, we move on to Invercargill. Looking forward to a bigger city and seeing penguins.

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