Friday, April 9, 2010

Warrington to Christchurch

When I enter todays subject I realize that our trip is nearing the end. This is the last city we will explore then it of off on four airplanes on Monday to head home. Not really looking forward to the trip for two reasons. One is we have had a really wonderful time here and hate to leave. We can recommend a trip to New Zealand to everyone. The second reason is the it is going to be a very long day............we actually leave on Sunday, US time and arrive in Omaha Monday night.

But we are not there yet. Todays drive was interesting, and probably the longest driving day we have had. We left Warrington shortly after 9:00 AM and got here at the hotel around 5:00 PM. But that included a late breakfast at River Stone Kitchen and a couple of sight seeing stops.

This morning we had our last look at the incoming tide at sun rise from our "batch". It has been really fun to watch the tide come in.

We stopped right after crossing the Waitaki River. At this point the rivers are very wide and often ribboned similar to the Platt. This crossing is about a kilometer from the mouth with the Pacific Ocean. We also got one of our last views of the Southern Alps.

Later we stopped at the Rakaia River where it just comes out of the Rakaia Gorge. As you will see from the pictures at this point the river changes from somewhat of a fast moving current, into the ribboned river of the Eastern flats around Christchurch.

On tonights menu was Sirloin steak, lamb shoulder, and stuffed chicken. Speaking of food, I discussed the presentation of many of the meals we ate. Here are some pictures we have taken. Needless to say we were most impressed not only with the quality of the food but with the presentation.

Lamb Shoulder with jelled mint (not mint jelly)

Pork Loin Roast with Cracklings

Ribeye steak with mushroom sauce

Handmade Licorice with five spice Ice Cream and Cherry and Almond bar.

Tomorrow, amoung other things we are going on a two hour Segway tour of the Avon River and Hagley park in downtown Christchurch.

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