Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rainy Day

Today is our first really rainy day. It has been raining all day. We went out and drove to Te Anau, the next town North of Manapouri. We visited the information center, dropped in on a couple of stores, had a coffee break and lunch and saw a short movie on the Fiordland Area. Hard to do much sightseeing in constant continuous rain.

Here are the pictures we did take and some comments.

Dock area in Manapouri. You can catch a boat to head to Doubtful Sound from here. To get to Doubtful sound you take a boat across a lake, a bus over a pass and then get on a boat to cruise the sound. We did not take this trip, but are going to Milford Sound tomorrow.

Shopping area in Te Anau. It is a small but active area. It is the gateway to Milford Sound. Lots of shops in the area.

Typical planted area along the street/sidewalk in the shopping area of Te Anau

Another view of the shopping area, Te Anau

A wet and disgusted Katie in Te Anau

Chinese Restaurant, Te Anau

Typical Coffee shop, Te Anau

Phone booths. We see these all over New Zealand. A real rarity in the US anymore.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is for the rain to slacken off in the Milford Sound area. Although we hear the sound it beautiful any time, we hope there is less rain tomorrow. If so, there will be lots of pictures.

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