Sunday, May 25, 2014

Return to Fremantle

While we were in Fremantle yesterday we noticed a poster for a show by emerging textile artists called Salvage/Selvedge. As a result we decided to return to Fremantle today to see the show.  It was a show full of art quilts that were being auctioned off to raise money for The School of St Yarred, Ethiopia.  The quilts were made from donated fabrics….basically Salvage and Selvedge or left over fabrics from tailors and other businesses.  The quilts were really beautiful and the few examples below show


(Katie here) The quilt below was an interpretation of a Gee’s Bend quilt.  Judy Stevens called it With the Beat of a Drum.  I’ve always though that quilt looked like a spider!




The show was in the Moores building, an old factory building that once manufactured wind mills.  It was the perfect setting for the quilt show/auction.



This is the floor on the second floor.  It is hard to tell but there are gaps between the well worn floor boards.


I loved the steps going to the second floor.


After a nice lunch at the Moores building, we made our way over to the Fremantle Prison.  The prison is a key part of the history of the area.  Fremantle and the area were just small communities that were not growing very well until the mid 1800’s when the city fathers asked to have convicts shipped to their area.  It was the convicts that were used to build the community and caused the rapid growth that eventually became Fremantle and Perth.  One of the early buildings built was the prison.  It remained in use as a prison until 1991 when it was finally closed.

We took the exterior tour which featured stories of people that escaped or attempted to escape from Fremantle Prison.  In any case we saw a good cross section of the prison.

The prison is a large complex built out of mostly limestone.



This is a typical cell block


This is the art work that was on the wall of one of the cells.


Yesterday evening we had a lovely dinner and last gathering of the Magpies at Bill and Gilly’s home.  We must thank Gilly and Terri for the wonderful time we have had here.  They organized meals, trips, sight seeing, etc.  We all had a wonderful time.  And us husbands appreciated being included in this trip and having the opportunity to tag along.

Tomorrow, back to Fremantle and then getting organized for our road trip south.

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