Saturday, May 24, 2014

Freemantle and up the coast

We had a somewhat leisurely day.  We didn’t assemble as a group till late morning and then drove to Freemantle.  This is a community on the outskirts of Perth.  The area has been a trading port for centuries, but the town itself was founded in 1829.  It is the main port as well as a tourist destination.

The day was rainy and windy but we still enjoyed the trip there.  We had a nice lunch (fish and chips, my fish was Barramundi and Katie’s was Cobbler fish).  We then explored the area.

View of the Indian Ocean.  Lots of white caps.



Have you ever seen a chaise lounge on tracks?  It really doesn’t look very comfortable.


We have enjoyed the public art around the Perth area.  This bronze is on a park bench.


No port would be complete without a fishing fleet.


We also visited the Museum to Shipwrecks, part of the Maritime Museum complex.


This ship steam engine had been in the salt water for over 100 years when it was discovered and brought up.  It is being restored.  So far they have been successful in turning the main shaft.  Amazing considering it was in salt water for so many years.


From Freemantle we drove up the coast to Cottesloe Beach.  By the time we got there the wind had increased. 


As you can see the ocean is really turbulent.  It could have been much worse, but there appeared to be a reef some distance out that was keeping the waves from being much bigger.  There were a lot of kite surfers out.  The wind was blowing strong enough that as we drove along the coast, they were going faster than we were.

We continued north along the coast to Hillary’s Boat Harbour.  This area has been turned into a tourist area with lots of shopping.  It was covered and out of the wind so much more pleasant. 



Finally, I’ll leave you with an “official” picture of the Magpie group. 


From left to right is MJ, Terri, Gilly, Katie, Carolyn, Jean, Nann.  We have had a wonderful time with this group.  Not in the picture are husbands, travel mates, and my sister and brother-in-law.  They aren’t magpies.

This was the last chance to get a group photo, because they will be moving on, either to home or to other destinations starting on Sunday.  Our thanks to Terri and Gilly for the wonderful arrangements and guided tours around the Perth area.

Tomorrow…….on our own.

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