Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Darwin–> Manly

Yesterday morning, our last half day in Darwin, I took a walk around the park across the street from our hotel.  Other than humid conditions, it was a nice day for walking. 

Banyan Tree in the park.


One of the things we have noticed is that every town/city in Australia seems to have an Anzac memorial.  Anzac was a major battle that took place during World War I.  In Australia these are the equivalent to our Veterans Memorials.

Here are a couple of pictures of the Anzac memorial in Darwin.



There are plaques with names of individuals that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Like our memorials, they include multiple wars.

Most trees in Australia are Eucalyptus Trees.  They have unusual bark depending on the variety.  This is one example I saw that caught my eye.


We enjoy looking at the variety of birds we see.  These are the Orange-footed Scrubfowl.


Other sights along my walk.




There is nothing like fish and chips where the fish is Barramundi.  It is a white fish that is local to this part of the world.  It is my favorite.


We flew from Darwin back to Brisbane arriving back here yesterday evening.  This morning I took a walk around Manly.  I will say it was much cooler than in Darwin.

This is the Manly Anzac Memorial.



This is the Manly harbor.  I didn’t count but there are over 1,000 boats located here.


The blue object in this picture is a jelly fish that got caught at low tide.  They are common during certain times of the year and I was told they are starting to show up.  Another reason to not swim in the ocean here (the other being sharks……in Darwin it was Saltwater Crocodiles, or Salties).


High tide


We had an unusual experience today.  Some of the McCafe restaurants use computer screen to order your meal.  Using the screen you can have lots of choices of how your want your sandwich.  We tried one today.  If our experience means anything we don’t think they are ready for prime time.  Here are a couple of screen shots…..



Beetroot and fried eggs were not offered, as they usually are included on a hamburger.  A single cheeseburger meal with fries and small coke was $12.45 Australian, or $9.23 USD.

We did get a kick out of the name of their Wi-Fi however!




I’ll leave you with this picture of an unusual flower I saw this afternoon.  Anyone know what it is?


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