Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A day in Perth

Today was the most we have done in the City of Perth itself.  When we were here a few days ago we did a lot, but most was in the surrounding area.

This morning we caught the CAT Red bus and went to a large pedestrian mall in the Central Business District (CBD).  This is one of four bus routes that goes around the CBD.  The cool thing is these buses are free. 


The mall was about 10 blocks from our hotel.  It consists of a 2 block by 3 block area that is full of stores of all types and sizes.  All vehicles go around this area, so it is totally open to pedestrians.  As the saying goes, if you can’t find it here, then you probably don’t need it!

this is a narrow walkway that used to be an alley.


This is a view along one of the main walk areas that used to be a street.


This is another “alley” that is made up to look like a London shopping street.


Complete with a painting of Henry VIII.


Of course there were street entertainers


and public art



After our shopping we got back on the Red CAT and rode it all the way around its route.

This is City Hall.  It was built by the convicts many years ago.  The rumor is the “arrow” windows were copied from the arrow pattern on the convict’s clothing.  They did it as a “joke”.


We enjoy the lattice work found on many of the balconies on the older buildings.  This is fairly common all over Australia in the bigger cities.


This is the Swedish Hotel near the mall.  We ate here during our earlier visit to Perth.  What we didn’t realize until today, is the building is purple.


This afternoon we went to Kings Park and Botanical Garden.  It is a large park just West of the CBD.  It overlooks the city and the Swan River.



We had lunch at the Botanical Café,



and then walked among the plants and trees.


Snake Eremophila


Not sure what this is because it was unmarked, but a succulent from South Africa.


View of the water garden


Fountain along the path we took.


Boab tree.  This one is over 200 years old.  The trunks are so big because they store water.


Needless to say, it was a lovely afternoon in the park. 

This evening we went to Restorante Italiano, located a couple of blocks from our hotel.  On the menu this evening was

Lamb Shank stew (and Corona beer complete with lime wedge)


and Lasagna and salad.


Tomorrow we are headed North of Perth to an area called the Pinnacles and to put our feet in the Indian Ocean.

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