Monday, September 27, 2010

Louisville, KY


We had a nice drive from St Charles to Louisville, Ky. today.  The weather was clear and cool all the way.  Traffic was generally light once we got East of St Louis.  I-64 does not have much traffic as compared to I-70 or I-80 (and I suspect other main interstate highways).

On the was over when we stopped for gas we say a car carrier in the distance that had real antique cars and tractors on it.  We both remarked that it would be fun to take a closer look.  Well it turns out we did…..along I-64. 

IMG_3068 IMG_3069

I still would like to get a chance to spend time looking, but there are interesting vehicles here.

We also had forgotten about the exposed limestone in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.  Of course it is exposed along roadways because of the digging and blasting that had to be done for the road grade.  But it makes for interesting pictures.


We arrived mid afternoon at Charles and Karen’s place.  They are old friends from way back.  We sat around all afternoon catching up on life and kids.  What a fun time.


On the menu this evening was Naked Pizza.  This is a new Pizza store chain that originated in New Orleans.  Google them and if you see one stop and try out one of their pizzas.

Cheers until tomorrow!

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